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Are You Doing Everything You Can To Help Your Community?

The Ultimate Cure For COVID-19 Is Total Participation By Everyone On Earth

Focusing on Japan and S. Korea’s data as accurate representations of COVID-19 patterns, there is an excellent chance of a leveling off in three to four weeks. With that said, according to the WHO, the European infection rate is rising faster China’s ever done. Why would that be the case and does it mean anything to the progression of the infection rate in the United States?

With the exception of the cruise ship, Japan and S. Korea, (and apparently China), had pretty strong quarantine and mitigation procedures. Most of us saw the pictures of how China basically broke doors down and forced people, kicking and screaming into quarantine. In South Korea and Japan it appears quarantine procedures were respected by the population.

Europe pretty much did nothing that looked like quarantine until recently and they now include country-wide lockdowns in Italy, Spain, and France. How is it that despite an eight-week warning, Europe and the United States are finally getting serious about quarantine during the period when it appears “mitigation” is the path to cause COVID-19 infections to peak and then flatten out.

My first thoughts focus on a massive cultural difference that is part of Western societies, a different respect and maybe fear, of the law. Whereas China, Japan, and South Korea, were able to implement an effective quarantine immediately, in the US, we have several reports of people ignoring self quarantine and it doesn’t look like everyone is taking “social isolation” seriously.

From Citizens to the President, social isolation is pretty much a joke as was self-quarantine. Hell, there was really no government-ordered quarantine. Instead there was mixed messages about “hoaxes”, “it will go away”, and other messages that suggested that we were too good and to prepared to see COVID-19 be an issue.

Now it is in 49 states we know of and the lack of preparation and testing is likely masking a “tremendous many”, infected. I venture there are people out there who have taken their lead from President Trump’s claim, ‘I feel fine and have no symptoms, who are in reality, walking plague vendors.

About COVID-19 testing in the United States

South Korea has a lot of data on how to manage epidemics because they have paid attention to what has been going on in China for the last 30 years. In the case of COVID-19, it is reported the South Koreans did 700 times more testing than the US has. The math is pretty simple. The total tested in the US is around 5,000. That means the South Koreans did somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5 million tests.

Those tests were used to get people care or put them into quarantine. The quarantine allowed South Korea to follow with mitigation.

Yet we blunder into a mitigation without quarantine. If Spain and Italy are any example, we face a very tough road ahead and it will be of our own doing. Abysmal leadership and personal arrogance will potentially cost us hundreds of thousands of our fellow Citizens. According some CDC “worst case” scenarios, the low estimate 200,000 fatalities and it could go as high as 1.6 million.

The CDC is studying if those numbers will drop now that we are following a mitigation protocol, but are we really trying our hardest to beat this? When I say “we”, I mean we citizens.

I don’t think so. People would go to Disneyland if it remained open. I drove by a pool hall a few days ago and it was packed. The only reason the ski resorts won’t be packed is because they closed down voluntarily. Otherwise the slopes would be full of skiers tomorrow.

A few more numbers you might think about as we hover on the edge of this precipice. In the US, there are a total of 975,000 critical care beds in hospitals. COVID-19 could demand far more of those beds than will be available. No commandeered motel or even bed in a hospital hallway, or tent in a parking lot will offer the kind of supportive care COVID-19 demands. ICU rooms are specially designed with access to life support systems you cannot put in a motel or parking lot tent.

So think about your responsibility as a citizen. An activist once famously said, “…you are either part of the solution, or part of the problem…” He was talking about something completely different, but that part of his quote rings true right now.

What you do can be part of the solution or add to the problem. It is as simple as that.