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Home Bug Out Kit Tips

Being Prepared For Emergencies Starts At Home

A bug out kit for your house is just basic common sense. Just think of what happens when there is a severe weather warning. People panic, rush to the stores, and buy anything they can. You can avoid the crowds, the lack of supplies, and sometimes inflated prices, by having a well stocked pantry!

That pantry and additional, non-food supplies, are fundamental parts of a home bug out kit. This isn’t about in-the-wild-survival and exotic gear. Your home prepared ness kit is based n common sense and leverages everyday foodstuffs and household supplies!

You Should Have A 30-Day Pantry!

What I am suggesting you should have in case of an emergency adds up to enough supplies for each person in your house for thirty days. This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of sales on foodstuffs you usually prepare for home meals. Do not overly depend on perishable goods. In areas such as California, where power outages are common place, you could lose a lot of food in your freezer. If you do have a back-up generator, you could saved a lot of gas by not powering your freezer. On the other hand, canned and dry goods do not depend on electricity. Even if you lose electricity, you could cook dry goods on a gas camp stove or even your propane grill.

Food is optional, water is not!

When you are thinking about your food pantry, a lot of people forget about the most important item, water! Your body is unforgiving if you do not keep it hydrated. You may survive for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. We keep a weeks worth of bottled water per person in our house. That is backed up by several types of water purification systems including iodine purification pills, chlorine bleach, and water-filtering straws. We also have a 55 gallon rain barrel in the back yard. That is where the iodine purification or chlorine comes in handy. That water is also great for flushing toilets! Think about sheltering in place if your water system fails due to power or other issue? It will get pretty foul, pretty fast!

A Home Bug Out Kit Is Grounded In Common Sense

Again, being prepared at home is pretty easy stuff. Change your mindset when it comes to shopping. Think about what it would take for you to be in your home for thirty days without access to your local grocery store. Of course there is more involved beyond groceries, water, and toilet paper. On the other hand, everything you need to survive for a few days is already in your house. Simply stock up wisely and you are on your way to being self-sufficient for an extended period of time in an emergency!