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Last Stand Earth

It's About Being Prepared For Not Just Anything, but Everything!
Learn - Prepare - Survive

You Need To Be Prepared!

Your life, your families life, your economic survival could hinge on how well your household is prepared for things that Mother Nature does. I venture you understand the “life” risks, but might not get the economic impact of not being prepared for interruptions created by weather and other natural disasters! Well imagine if your power went out and you had to move into a motel at $150 a day? That is about the cost of a kerosene radiant heater and a few days worth of fuel. A week in a motel versus that heater and a $300 generator? So being prepared is also relevant to your family’s economy!

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Tips On Survival From The News

Learn from the mistakes of others. There is so much news that illustrates how people who ignore common sense and orders from law enforcement either die, cause their loved ones to suffer, or put first responders in danger.

Don’t be that person!

Being prepared for an extended “shelter in place” or to evacuate when ordered increases your chances of survival. In emergency situations, assume first responders are not going to be focused on emergencies ahead of your need. Also, assuming cell phones will be operational so you can even call for help is very risky. Then there is the cold hard fact that during many emergencies, even if you reach first responders, you might t not be reachable in time. 

Be prepared with a household bugout kit!

While you are at it, have a few empty backpacks available in your home dugout kit just in case you are ordered to evacuate. Even if you are fortunate enough to find other shelter, it is likely the food, water, and basic necessities you pack with you, will be all you initially have for an undetermined period of time!

Tips On Urban Preparedness

Where this blog will be different is that the focus is not your typical “Preppier” state of mind. We are going to focus on how to “shelter in place” smarter. Clearly in urban environments, the safest place is still your home unless you are order to evacuate.

Zombies Are Fantasy – COVID-19 Is Real!

Our only home is in a dire emergency due to the coronavirus

We have all seen this movie, but in fantasy formats, there is ultimately a cure. In all those movies, there is a hero, but in reality, we all need to be the heroes. There is no room for slackers or those who want to wait for an ultimate power to save us all.

It is time for all of us to do our part and get very serious about social isolation, self quarantine and preparation.

These, along with remaining calm and focusing on what we can do as individuals and communities, will ultimately bring us through the current crisis with the least amount of damage.

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The Bugout Box

Everyone needs a “Bugout Box” or kit! All you have to do is look at what happens when a big storm threatens a region. People lose their minds and storm the stores for anything and everything! Why not avoid the panicked crowds, high prices, and empty shelves, by stocking up your home with enough food and water for every person in your house for thirty days! Thinks back to your Grandparents! I bet they had enough food stored for 30 days or longer!