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On this page are videos that are not produced by Wudman, but have content deemed useful for those seeking information on camping, preparedness, survival, evacuation, supplies, equipment reviews and strategies. Watch and use any content posted anywhere in this site, whether produced by the webmaster or shared AT YOUR OWN RISK

As with most contributors, regardless how serious the subject or content, you accept all published or shared content as entertainment and understand that any injury you suffer by using either the equipment, strategies, suggestions or menus, are your responsibility. This is entertainment as far as John Wood, the producers, YouTube and Google are concerned. If you decided to sue anybody involved, you indemnify all involved with the creation and sharing of any information here at LastStandEarth.Com. If you should prevail in court, you also promise to pay all court costs, attorney fees and awards yourself because you were too stupid to close the page right now.

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