About LSE

My name is Wud and I am now and always have been focused on attaining a balanced set of skills that would prepare me for whatever survivable crisis that should befall any community I happen to live in. The reason I came to develop this site was because I accidentally tripped into the land of “SHTF” online. Within the information I have read, watched and listened to, there is some intelligent discourse on this subject, but much of it does not do much to help anyone prepare for anything.

So now we have LastStandEarth, my contribution to the SHTF community. My philosophy 0f survival is based on common sense, my strategies useful for every day life even if the poop doesn’t spray all over the world!

There are so many so called experts on urban survival that make specific suggestions to problems they can’t anticipate. My common sense approach is one that doesn’t predict doom, but prepares for emergencies. The nature of the emergency doesn’t matter because no one knows what form an emergency will take.

We have already seen one major weather related catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina,  in which that basic awareness and a little preparation would have gone a long way to save lives. In these troubled times, we live on the edge of many different potential threats to our way of life. My philosophy is not based on any particular emergency, but the basic preparations you can make to survive whatever transpires.

Thanks for visiting, as soon as the site formatting is up, I will share the five fundamentals of my philosophy which I hope you will find provide a practical approach to increasing your chances of being around after the SHTF.