wudbattlemugfeatureThe Battle Mug – Drink to your survival…

Fend off those reaching for the last beer!
Here goes a special, super heavy duty beer stein for your camp, emergency preparedness or escape box! This “Battle Mug” would give new meaning to those games we all played, some in college others around campfires and maybe even a few when taking a break between patrols. We shall not go into specific details because this is about the Battle Mug, the heartiest of all beer steins and the only one that is “combat ready”.

The Battle Mug is 100$ Made in the USA and the brain child of former US Army First Sergeant Joe Lundberg. All I can tell you is that he served 22 years. Sharing any other information might cause your head to come into contact with a Battle Mug for the sake of National Security. Of course if you had your own Battle Mug, you could just fill it with your favorite Made in USA brew and imagine what “high speed and low drag” means..Featured Image USA Made Battle Mug

In any case, speaking of practical uses for your Battle Mug…
1. You can pour 24 ounces of your favorite brew into a Battle Mug
2. It’s extremely durable. Think “LIFETIME”!
3. If your assignment demands drinking with characters of dubious character, you can knock them out after you toast!
4. Be the center of conversation just by tipping your Battle Mug!
5. Finally a mug that can hold a “2×4” 24 0z can of beer!

Okay, so many of those “practical” uses are silly. What the heck, if you were truly in a survival situation and needed to quaff a brew, this would be pretty darn handy. Can you imaging packing one of those pretty ceramic beer steins on a camping trip. Heck, I don’t even use mine around the house because it is expensive and at best “dainty” when compared to the Battle Mug! Speaking of battles, if the Made in USA Battle Mug and to fight for shelf space against a battalion of fancy painted German beer steins, it would end up like Patton at the “Battle of the Bulge”. Surely one Battle Mug would crush or render useless a whole army of German beer steins. Even the metal ones would suffer under an well placed whack with a Battle Mug.

Technical Details of the Battle Mug

Built USA tough and ready for accessories!
Each Battle Mug starts out as a 13.5 lb block of 6061T billet aluminum. Now that sounds pretty tough, but lets clarify what 6061T aluminum alloy is. “6061” is a one of the most common alloys of aluminum. The reason is that it is tough. If you want a light bike that won’t bend when you hit a curb, 6061 is the stuff. It is heat treated for hardening and you can weld with it.

Of course I’d not suggest you weld anything to your Battle Mug because it has a way to attach accessories already! When the Battle Mug leaves the state-of-the-art CNC facility in Huntsville, AL, it is ready for your customization. The Battle Mug features a standard M1913 rail interface system that will allow you to ad a variety of accessories. A standard M4 carry handle is the basic accessory. That will allow you to carry your mug and spot a straight path to where your refill awaits. Maybe it’s a bit dark where you are using your Battle Mug. If that is the case, add a “red dot” low-light scope to assist in navigating to where the liquid consumables are. If your company is extremely hazardous, consider adding a bayonet, laser pointer or appropriate tactical light. In any case, you can see just how practical this Battle Mug can be!

Did I mention this is Made in the USA by a US Army Veteran?
For more information, check out the website at http://battlemug.com

image Battle Mug http://battlemug.com

For More Information or to get yours!: www.BattleMug.Com