Last Stand Earth has two missions.
First is to share smart tips that will help anyone be better prepared in an emergency. No matter where you are, there is a need to be prepared for an emergency. Although many immediately think that being prepared or having basic survival skills means embracing “SHTF” or “TEOTWAWKI”, it is not that crazy. It is about being prepared for bad weather and other random acts of nature that could cause you or your family to temporarily be self-reliant. Situations that call for smart emergency planning happen all the time.

Focusing on the United States, the scenarios most people need to prepare for are random, violent acts of nature in the form of weather and earthquakes. Also, collateral issues such as power outages can extend an emergency situation. For example a simple ice storm can take power out for weeks.

The bottom line is that most people rarely face a weather or natural catastrophe, but when these events happen, a little preparedness goes a long way to reduce the impact on one’s person and family.

The second mission of this site is to have fun with stories of survival, “zombies”, and other assorted scenarios of doom just because my mind twists up that way. I think this aspect is due to some twisted fantasy that some day I will have engage my survival training to help my family and friends survive an apocalypse. Most apocalypse stories out there are getting pretty predictable. Giant man eating beasts flung out of tornadoes, rotten tomatoes from outer space and of course, zombies rule the networks.

So between the real information on preparedness, expect some fun fantasy ways to engage that knowledge.

Thanks for coming,

J. “Wudman” Wood