Last Stand Earth By John L. Wood

Welcome to my survival blog, survival equipment review and short stories about survival in unique environments. I have always had an imagination and occasionally thoughts wander to “what if”. At the same time, while in high school, I was a in a program similar to the JROTC. I traded Physical Education for rifle team and learning unique skills such as orienteering, combat first aid, marksmanship and survival. I will leverage those experiences that have been built upon and my imagination in this website’s stories, reviews and editorials on survivals.

Are You Ready For What Might Happen Next?

One mission of this website is to share real-world preparedness tips to help you and your family be ready for major or minor emergencies. There are lots of survival information websites out there. In my opinion, many go way over the top for what most families need to be prepared for an emergency. Everyone should be prepared to sustain themselves in any weather for at least a week. Recent weather catastrophes alone have showed us that being able to fend for your family and self is a fundamental necessity. You can’t always depend on government services to rescue you in a time of crisis.

Real Survival Tips By Way of Creative Fiction

LastStandEarth.Com will feature real survival and preparedness strategies for 2017. Between the tips, equipment reviews and news alerts, this site will feature analysis of real survival situations and the occasional fictional scenario in the form of short stories. I even have a way to make zombies real, more fun and much nastier than anything you have every watched.

Practical Survival or Self-Sustainability Beer Mug – Sure!

The Battle Mug - Drink to your survival... Fend off those reaching for the last beer! Here goes a special, super heavy duty beer stein for your camp, emergency preparedness or escape box! This "Battle Mug" would give new meaning to those games we all played, some in...

Hello world! – Are you ready for tomorrow?

Last Stand Earth has two missions. First is to share smart tips that will help anyone be better prepared in an emergency. No matter where you are, there is a need to be prepared for an emergency. Although many immediately think that being prepared or having basic...

A Moon No More – Chapter 2: A day On A Deserted Atoll

I stopped trying to keep count on how long I have been here. At first I was keeping a journal, but I wore out my pencils and the pens stopped working some time ago. I transitioned to etching marks into the hull of the Lori Lee, but at some point it didn't seem to...

A Moon No More – Chapter 1: Stranded On An Atoll

Life was getting downright boring on the little atoll I called home. I'm not complaining because if not for this almost barren few miles of rocks, beach, and palms, I'd have drown or killed myself. Admittedly, there were more than a few nights I wondered if either...